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In the sections below, I share feedback from people who’ve
worked with me over the years; along with some general
thoughts about things you might like to consider with regards to
feedback in gener

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  Feedback About Natasha



Feedback Introduction

As I mentioned previously I treat  confidentiality (and peoples privacy) very seriously. 

For this reason, as you would expect, all feedback on this site has been carefully screened and edited to ensure that names and other personal details are shielded, out of respect for peoples privacy even where permission was given to use names.

Client & Group Member Feedback

In the section below is a selection of feedback from clients and group members about their experiences in working with me in counselling and group settings:

"I believe you have helped me develop insight and clarity into my life.  You have also helped me to reflect on my integrity while encouraging me to be authentic."

" I cannot thank you enough for your help and unconditional support.  You have changed my life and I will never forget what you have done for me."

" I've watched, I've listened, I've learned.  I appreciate your many layers, your honesty and your steady commitment to our personal growth."

"Great smile, great heart, passion for people, safety net."

"Through your guidance my relationships at work with my colleagues have improved; as have the relationships with my family and <partner>.  I have also set some really exciting goals for this year. Thank you so much."

"Thank you for all you have done."

"Hi Natasha.  Hey, I've really enjoyed your energy and being on the same path as you this year.  I hope our paths meet again."

"I can walk away from our sessions together with confidence, a spring in my step and valuable lessons I can use and reflect on for the rest of my life.  You’re an amazing person with the kindest heart, I am privileged to have had you as my counsellor."

" I have really enjoyed my weekly counselling sessions with you."

"Thanks for being so welcoming and approachable."

" I have enjoyed and appreciated your respect, your commitment to others and creation of a safe space without judgement for all."

" I've found it <the counselling process> useful, especially in working through my relationship with <my partner>."

"Such a warm caring person.  Wonderful job at <facilitating>."

"You make me feel completely at home with myself and I feel safe with you and sharing with you."

"A very personal touch you give to every one of us and a stability.  Thank you for the depth of your empathy."

"You have taught me so much - it made me a happy person.  For that I will always be grateful.  Your smile and open-ness is amazing."

"Your leadership is totally wicked, and I'm glad I was a member of <this group> and have gotten to know you."

"You are a very special person and you have had a huge positive impact on this group.  I've never met such an open understanding person.  I hope I'm in your <group> next time."

"You make the sessions easy to come to.  Encouraging and <supportive>."

"I have enjoyed your patience and honesty.  You are a fantastic facilitator and listener."

"Second time round and you just keep getting better.  Thank you for your wisdom, compassion and humour."

Collegial & Business Associate Feedback  

In this section you will find feedback from colleagues and business associates about their experience of working with me professionally:

"Thanks Natasha for your wonderful support and encouragement to help me grow.  Your organisation and wonderful creative ideas are a credit to you."

"Natasha I have enjoyed your friendship and your wisdom.  Let's stay in touch my friend."

"Hi Natasha, Thanks so much for getting onto this so promptly - some great suggestions and advice."

"Natasha's consistent care and guidance was of immense assistance to me in my gaining the knowledge required to achieve <my tertiary qualification>.  I know her empathic and engaging relationship with myself is indicative of her work with her clients."

"I've really appreciated your support, your awesome integrity, your compassion and genuine-ness".

"Thanks for all your help and encouragement, looking forward to continuing."

"I love your support and honesty with me.  You give me heaps of courage to try new things."

"Natasha, I love your warm, generous and awesome spirit.  Thanks for your support and trust in the process and in me!"

"Thanks for sorting out ....Thank you for getting ..... up to speed after I had been away. Keep up the good work. I admire the way you are so well organised."

"Hi Natasha, Thanks for that - very thorough and excellent advice as usual!"

"Dear Natasha....In the period of time we have been associated I have found you to have extraordinary people and organizational skills. Having worked all my life in corporate environments I have been exposed to quite a few people and I have to say that you are the absolute best ! You are very well organized and methodical in your approach. Another one of your strengths is your attention to detail and also your communication skills. Your communication is always clear and your words well chosen. You follow up diligently and have produced remarkable results for me. I wish you all the very best."

"Thanks Natasha, I appreciate your ultra professional approach, it's a nice change compared to some of the business 'professionals' I have had to deal with."

"Thank you so much.  You will be greatly missed."

"I love your relaxed environment, so much knowledge and warmth you give to others."

General Thoughts About Feedback  

I think it is important to mention that counselling is a highly subjective experience.  Each person is different, so your experience of counselling may be different than your friends, family, partner, work-mates or acquaintances.  One size doesn't fit all!  

've included the above feedback so that you can get a flavour of the experience some others have had in working with me, both in a counselling setting, a group setting and professionally.

think counselling is most effective when you find someone to work with who you feel comfortable with, someone you trust, someone who can walk alongside you, assisting you to explore the areas and aspects of your life (and yourself) that you are willing to focus on.  

The experience of counselling has been described in a range of ways that can be vastly different.  Some people have described counselling using the following adjectives:

  • Thought provoking
  • Gentle, and yet also powerful
  • Accepting
  • Enjoyable
  • "Full"
  • Exciting
  • Challenging
  • A safe space to be myself
  • Subtle
  • Stirring
  • Frustrating 
  • A call to action
  • Multi layered
  • Full of heights and depths
  • Confusing
  • Profound Just what I needed it to be (even if it didn'talways feel comfortable!)
  • Growth-full
So, to affirm again, everyone's experience is unique.  Counselling offers a unique environment to explore ourselves safely with a trained professional without the inevitable 'baggage'  that can accompany trying to work through challenges with family or friends and/or the struggle of trying to 'tough it out' by ourselves.  As the saying goes "Together Everyone Achieves More". 

Your Feedback  
I consider that feedback is very important as it helps us to continually hone and enhance our work.  I would value your
feedback about how you have experienced this website.  For example what it is like to move around this site, the content, finding the information you need, anything you'd like to see added or any other general comments you may have.  Please contact me to share your thoughts or ask any questions.

What Now?   

I encourage newcomers to come for an initial session where we can both decide together if we are the right fit to work together. You can reach me using any of the details on the Contact page here.  If you'd like to make a referral of someone you love, you're welcome to contact me as well.